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we're currently on hiatus paddling in california, destin, and a few lakes in tennessee. serously!  Prefer to be social with us?  Twitter or Facebook with us to hear about events, demos, offers and special sales faster!   Thanks to all of our summer customers who jumped on new NSP boards, YOLO Boards, and UberCruz, and Rogue boards this year.    Check back soon for more gear, and more news.  In the meantime, we suggest visiting Yoloboard directly. 

Q. Why Buy from LAKESUP?

We proudly feature the best SUP boards at the best prices, chosen for lake cruising including
-Rogue SUPs

- Global Surf, NSP, UberFish & Walden SUP

- YOLO (You Only Live Once) SUP

Lake SUP LLC is locally owned and operated since 2008. We offer great pricing on SUP boards that are REAL SUPs. We make sure you get the board and paddle that's right for you because we've tried boards on multiple Midwest lakes and have selected boards that stand up to the elements. We also inspect every board we receive and personally deliver ready-to-go SUPs to most Twin Cities locations.   Since we started in 2008, there area now a few more places to find boards, so check them all out, we just hope you join the sport, and hope to see you on the lakes!

You've also seen us featured on KARE 11, with Eric Perkins, on KSTP, in MSP Magazine, and on StarTribune.com's Ultrafit with Stephen Regenold.  LakeSUP's Tara was also a 2010 Athleta featured athlete and guest blogger.

Q. What's SUP?
SUP or Stand Up Paddle, has a heritage tied to the birth of surfing in Hawaii.  This activity has a 75+ year history that has risen to popularity due to modern developments in board technology, the importance of silent sports/green sports as well as the demand for new, exciting core workouts. Now you can do it on the lakes!

Q. Is it easy to do, easy to balance?
SUP'er easy! We've seen age five to 75 paddling. If you can stand on sidewalk, you can probably SUP within minutes. 

Q. How much do they cost, and do you rent or demo the boards?
Our SUP board prices start at $895. We don't currently rent.

Q. Where can we try it, or get lessons.
Our boards are now FOR RENT with WHEEL FUN RENTALS on Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, and now Lebanon Hills Park in Eagan.

Q. Can I do this on my old windsurfer / sailboard?
Although not the most ideal SUP experience, it can be done if you have a stable board at least 9 feet long. You won't get the same experience as a stable, lightweight board. Make sure it's free of footstraps and mast-tracks if possible. You should at least have a full-length angled SUP paddle starting at just $79

Q. Where's a good place to SUP?

Based on SUP friends, try out any lake including Lake Minnetonka, and Wayzata Bay, Lake Calhoun, Grays Bay, Cedar Lake, Lake Harriet, Lake of the Isles, Medicine Lake, Lake Nokomis, Lake Winnebago.

Q. What about lessons?
We offer private lessons on your lakefront property. Rates are $60 per hour, or $75 for two students. While most people can do SUP the first time, we teach the basics, some balance tips, and advance turning.

Q. How do I transport a SUP?   

Most factory cross-bar racks seem to work great. Just make sure you have cinch-down locking straps vs bungee cords. We carry pads and straps for local pickup, and we recommend getting prepared at a rack expert.

Contact us anytime!  email aloha@lakesup.com or call 612-293-5765 

If you are a midwest area stand up paddle board seller, club manager, or touring business in Stand Up Paddling, and you would like to be featured on this site, drop us a line. We SUPPORT THE SPORT!